About Us

I'm delighted to welcome you to The PELICS, a national and international centre of excellence.

Welcome to PELICS

I'm delighted to welcome you to The PELICS (Progressive English Language and Institute for Communication Skills), a national and international centre of excellence. We have been pursuing the key role played in foreign Language Teaching since May 1999. But our mission is even broader in transforming lives and organizations by delivering excellence in languages and education locally as well as globally. PELICS is a breeding ground for innovation and fresh ideas, where anyone dedicated to expanding and sharing our knowledge of bilingualism can join forces with others in achieving that goal. A leader in the fields of English Language , Chinese language and bilingualism in KPK, PELICS provides an ideal setting for analysis, research and development designed to serve university communities, as well as public, private and Para governmental agencies and organizations in the area of official languages, bilingualism and language planning. Our programs, at the cutting edge of teaching science, meet the English and Chinese foreign- language learning needs of a large and diverse population. We are also at the forefront of the design and application of language-proficiency measurement tools for the benefit of universities, government, Para governmental organizations and the private sector. As it is considered to be the era of languages and truly, the ability to communicate in more than one languages greatly affects relationships between groups and social cohesion. We are very proud of PELICS’s commitment to promoting bilingualism. We will continue to innovate to ensure that all those who join us enjoy a thoroughly enriching experience.


Why Choose us

To enable our students to Communicate in the target language effectively. To empower students to speak in the target language intelligibly. To assist them to beautify their 2nd language. To enable them to correspond indifferent settings. To make them autonomous in using all the language skills and sub-skills proficiently. To train the students to comprehend listening text. To make them use vocabulary appropriately. To develop their reading comprehension. To enable them to create simple, complex and complex compound grammatical patterns.


Our Mission

To transform lives and organizations by delivering excellence in language and education.


Our visions

A global talent transformational organization adopting innovative methods for unleashing people potential for organizational success